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Chamber & Tourism Executive List
President – Val Viens 780-837-8311
Vice President Sandy Primeau 780-837-2786
Sec/Tres - Diane Dentinger 780-837-4009
Kevin Delorey 780-624-5176 Ext.3705
or Odessa Ptashnyk at 780-324-3737
Nolan Parker 780-837-2074
Gisele Soucy 780-837-2171
Faye Turcotte
Eric Verstappen 780-837-2534
Vic Roy 780-837-2665 (Prefers a phone Call)
Gary Braithwaite 780-837-6467
Richard Rhodes 780-837-1713
Marc Bremont 780 837-0459 (Call only)
Diane Chiasson (Economic Development) 780-837-2364

On Stand by:
Romeo Cinq-mars 780-837-1947
Janette Cinq-mars 780-837-2783
Doug Greenfield Artscript Canada Business Promotion Web Development 780-359-2120

Meeting Minutes Aug 17,2016


Aug 17,2016

PRESENT: Val Viens, Diane Dentinger, Eric Verstappen, Sandy Primeau, Gisele Soucy, Doug Greenfield, Patty Turnquist, Diane Chaisson, Richard Rhodes
REGRETS: Faye Turcotte, Romeo & Jeannette Cinq Mars, Odessa Ptashnyk, Marc Bremont, Vic Roy, Nolan Parker,
Meeting called to order at 12:02 pm by Val
Motion: 1 -08-17-2016
Adoption of agenda moved by Gisele with additions and seconded by Richard. Carried
Motion: 2 – 08-17-2016
Approval of minutes with Eric and seconded by Sandy, Carried
Financial Reports: Diane moved to approve her financial report with changes: to move licensee fees to membership fees. Eric moved, carried
Old Business:
Canada Day; Sandy reported on Canada day and it was a great turnout, we did not do much money but a little bit but great time was had by all. Also great advertising in the paper. Thanks to all who took care of this event.
Honey Festival: Eric to attend next honey festival meeting. If there is no more attends and volunteers, there will be no more honey festival.
Smoky River Tourism: To check out this site and comment or send picture if we have any.
WEB SITE/ SOCIAL MEDIA: Smoky River Tourism: To check out this site and comment or send picture if we have any.
GRANTS; No grants till all society act reports are complete and send in. Gisele, Diane Chaisson, Val, and Diane to meet next Thursday and finish of the financial for the past two years 2014,2015
Grant 150 funding to be applied for 2017.
COMPUTER and REPAIRS: Computer working great. No repairs done yet.

MOTION 3- 08-17-2016: Eric motion that we get quotes from two people for flag poles. Diane will call Mike’s Sandblasting to get a quote and Patty to get a quote from Jeff. Needs to be sandblasted first and then painted. We are to approach the town for flags. Diane will get paint and ask Taylor to paint railings and windows and doors. Diane will pick up a screen for the door.

SIGNAGE ON TOWN RIGHT OF WAY: Already set up and looks great. Sandy to approach the town for the campsite sign.

  1. Co-operates incentive for chambers members.
Eric present us with a letter and price and benefits.
Motion -4-08-17-2016; Eric moved that we send his letter to all members by email.
B) On line banking:
Motion -5-08-17-2016: Eric moved to use on line banking as much as possible for the bills, seconded by Sandy, Carried.
New Business:
  1. Val and Diane to check into members and out of town business and send invoices.
  2. A letter to be send to all MD’s letting them know about our website and that they are always mention in points of interest and also Birch Hills county also to be approach. Letting know about the carnival that they had a how all the towns participated. Eric to present it to Eaglesham and tangent towns.
  1. McLennan trade Show

  2. Small business week in falher with maybe a supper and also maybe a guest speaker to target a subject. 3rd week of oct 16-27 probably Tuesday the 18.

Corresponded: Cole Kendle Sept 19 Eric will get back to us and let us know what it is all about.
Cole Ph.: 780-996-3565 or Shelly Shannon :780-625-2591.
Late items: Wages (Kristina wages are to be paid from the agri society.) Eric moved that we can expect a bill from the agr society for Kristina wages, Seconded by Giselle. Carried.
We have now hired a young man for the tourism and he is turning out great. Eric moved If he is needed by anyone he will be billed out the hours. Seconded Patty. Carried.
Motion -6-08-17-2016: GISELE MOTION THAT Patty be accepted as a director, Seconded by Eric. Carried.
Society: Just waiting for financial to be finish.
Next meeting Sept 14,2016 at TONY’S PIZZA & DONAIR
Meeting adjourned at 1:38pm

Minutes recorded by Secretary/Treasurer___________________________
Diane Dentinger
President Val Viens _______________________________

(780) 837-8311